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Ni-les’tun | Oregon

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinFeb 14, 2024

Hedley Pueblo | Utah

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 1, 2023

Zemaitis | Michigan

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 1, 2022
Photo of grassy field surrounded by green trees. Sky is filled with white and gray clouds.
PreservesWest Virginia

McGraw Farm

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinSep 1, 2021

Fortified Hill Earthwork

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinOct 11, 2019

Ebbert Springs

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinJul 5, 2019
The early morning sun shines on the Esmond 2 site.
New YorkPreserves

Esmond | New York

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinSep 3, 2015
This fragment of a trumpet-style pipe was found at the site. Courtesy Rochester Museum & Science Center.
New YorkPreserves

Footer | New York

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinJun 11, 2015
The Yorktown Enclosure survives within an isolated wood lot surrounded by agricultural fields that are being developed for commercial purposes.

Yorktown | Indiana

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinJun 11, 2015
Inhabitants of the Buffalo site may have received 'weeping eye' shell collars such as this one from traders in Tennessee.
PreservesWest Virginia

Buffalo Site

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinApr 30, 2015
Blockhouse 8 is seen in the foreground of this scale model of Fort Greenville.

Fort Greenville

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinNov 28, 2014
This longhouse was exposed during excavations directed by William Ritchie and Robert Funk in the 1960s.
New YorkPreserves

Garoga | New York

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinNov 27, 2014

Windover | Florida

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 12, 2014

Croft | Idaho

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 1, 2013