On March 18, 2014 the Conservancy attended a public auction in Chillicothe, OH with the hope of acquiring the Junction Group earthworks site. After having learned that the land would be available for sale just 20 days prior to the auction, the Conservancy joined forces with several conservation organizations in the area in an attempt to preserve not just the site itself, but the surrounding woodlands as well. The portion of the farmland we acquired is a 90 acre field encompassing the earthworks.

The earthwork complex is approximately 2,000 years old and has been the subject of intermittent archaeological research since 1848. Our involvement with the site started in 1980 when the preservation of Hopewell Culture ceremonial centers became a central focus of our activities east of the Mississippi. The site has been in the hands of private owners, and this public auction was the first opportunity for the site to be transferred to an organization with a plan for long term preservation.

Read more in this Columbus Dispatch article: Prehistoric mounds near Chillicothe saved from development.

To help preserve this important site, please donate at https://donate.archaeologicalconservancy.org/.


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