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The Davis Ranch, which is located north of Quemado, in west-central New Mexico, is one-square mile in size and contains five separate prehistoric sites.  Tom Davis is donating five pieces of land that contain these sites, ranging in size from two to 20 acres, to the Conservancy.

The five sites consist of two quarries located on mesa tops, and three pueblos on lowlands beneath the mesas. The mesa tops are covered by a thick blanket of quartz, quartzite, and chert rocks that once served as a source for making stone tools. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) archaeologists determined that one of the quarries dates to the Paleo-Indian period. The other quarry had numerous broken ceramics around it, which could indicate that it was utilized by late-prehistoric groups.

Learn more about the site here: Davis Ranch Sites

Summary.  Read more in American Archaeology Vol. 19 No. 2, Summer 2015

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