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Thank you so much to all our amazing and generous donors for their support of the POINT-6 Emergency Preservation Fund.  Thank you for putting your dollars where it counts and sharing your commitment to protecting the archaeological heritage we will hold in trust. We had the most online donors ever for a Conservancy crowdfunding campaign with 195 donors. Together we were able to raise 96% or our goal, totaling $27,869 dollars.  All of your generous donations will be matched dollar for dollar.

Thank you to Anonymous, Virginia Gaines, Anonymous, Anonymous, Kristina Dendinger, Roberta McKennna, Anonymous, Allis Gillmor, Anonymous, Bruce Kramer, Elizabeth Fader, William J. Cleary Jr., Dottie Middleton, Marla Krauss, Nancy Slater, Virginia Wulfkuhle, Edward Cassidy, Mary Schultz, Jeanette Shortley, Sheryl Fullterton, Paula Bateman, Harvey Fleet, Sarah Davis, Bob Culley, Scott Cheney, Jennifer Polnaszek, S. Terry Childs, Cheryl Deese, Kathy Stark, and Sharon & David Strachan.

Thank you to Keith Forry, Martin Mcallister, Catherine Sheppard, Donna Hodge, Anonymous, Anonymous, David Keller, Nancy Dinger, Jerry Bangham, James McAvoy, Warren Buckles, Carol Shimer, Victoria Trauscht, Kimball Banks, Katherine Peterson, Walter Foxworth, Kathleen Mavournin, Kenneth Alford, William Johnson, Nancy Bruce Baetz, Shari Silverman, Geoffrey Simard, Raven Reitstetter, Peggy Bender, Lorna Reed, William Griffin, Anonymous, Randall Turner, Bliss Bruen, and Jim & Bliss Judge.

Thank you to James Trogolo, Dave and Ann Phillips, James Bennett, Steve Prentice-Dunn, Linda Ferber, Laraine Turk, Steven Mewaldt, Anna Doyle, William Yeager, Virginia Burgess, Carolyn Beisler, Joseph Ashcraft, William Riker, Don Mochel, Deborah Prather, Jennifer Huang, Sharon Geil, Harry and Debra Whitehill, Chip Colwell, Jacquelyn Feldman, Thomas Broker, Arthur Johnson, Patric McPoland, Ashley Dumas, Bonnie Miller, Dennis Keys, Patricia Foschi, James Theler, and Lynn A Neal.

Thank you to Thomas Gillooly, Tim Maxwell, Roger Moore, William Newsom, Douglas Sporn, Barbara Karpel, Anonymously, Robert Hiller, Leah Lewin Gibbons, Ralph Bertonaschi, Aaron Hoard, Robert Thunen, Carolyn Radlo, James Zerwick, Jan Griffin, Bruce Pitner, Robert Van Horn, Richard D. Cook, Helen Goldstein, Lori Iliff, Roger Zioncheck, Sarah Cobine, Jean Fincher, Thomas R Broker, Stephen White, Stephen Pagano, and David Ricker.

Thank You to Sherill Spaar, Laurie Burgess, Hildy Feen, Kathleen Halloran, James Galloway, Raymond Doherty, Jessica Crawford, Jan Bensien, Donna Robin Lippman, Susanne Kayyali, Frank Darr, Alan Hodge, Anonymous, Eric Seale, Carol Demcak, Thom & Dottye Pierce, Brian Hembacher, Nelson Kempsky, Peter Stupey, Mark Sechrist, Don Mochel, Jeffrey Nielsen, Scott Hendershot, Donald Burkhardt, Jean Ballagh, Evan Kay, and Judy Jensen Heffron.

Thank You to Alan Strauss, Ralph Eshelman, Sidney Hubener, Sarah C Gillespie, Jeffrey Michel, Clinton and Stephanie Smullen, Arthur Haberl, Jacqueline Meek, Buchanan Meek, Ray Williamson, David Clinton, Fred Schott, Thomas Sutfin, Richard Cordell, Nancy Dinger, James and Anne Campbell, Karen Berggren, Ted Cloak, Julia Elmendorf,  Nancy Jensen, Marie Brundridge, Douglas Richardson, Jenny Day, H Rodney Scott, Jerry Sivets, Sarah Putsavage, Dennis Smith, Paul Gardner,  and Linda Winslow.

Thank You to  Jeffrey Michel, John Chamberlin, Nancy Dinger, Sidney Hubener, Joyce Clarke, James Wannamaker, Anonymous, William Green, Mark Barnes, Sharon Snyder, Nadia Hamid, Timothy Hill, Michael Stillman, William Burlingame, Anonymous, Constance Arzigian, Gregory Waselkov, Anonymous, Robert K Mark, Nancy Jensen, Steve Kover, Larry Krozel, Frank Darr, Kay Enfield, Catherine Harris and Anonymous for kick off our crowdfunding campaign!

Thank you to our friends and supporters for getting the word out on this important project “Saving the Past for The Future” : DigVentures in the UK: Why The Archaeological Conservancy Wants You To Help Protect America’s National Treasures ; Dr. Kristina Killgrove; NM Archaeological List Serve; Southwest Archaeology Newsletter; Tora Bourgeois, Editor for the Southern Sierra Archaeological Society;  Rob Whitlam, WA Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation; Kerry Lyste, Stillaguamish Tribe;  Denise Willis, Society for California Archaeology; Dr. Chip Cowell; Alan Osborne, Southwest Seminars; Maya Research Program; Professor Sarah Parcak;  Professor Brent Hoffman, Saving Mes Aynak;  Dr. William Taylor; and Bliss Bruen.

We want to thank each and everyone of them for their commitment to saving the threatened archaeological stories buried across this country!!!

Learn More about POINT-6: Crowdfunding Launches to Protect Our Irreplaceable National Treasures (POINT-6)

About The Archaeological Conservancy: The Archaeological Conservancy, established in 1980, is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to acquiring and preserving the best of our nation’s remaining archaeological sites. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Conservancy also operates regional offices in Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, and California. The Conservancy continues to be rated a 4 star charity by Charity Navigator. The Conservancy has preserved over 515 sites across the nation. Learn More: What The Archaeological Conservancy Does