Who We Are

The Archaeological Conservancy is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to acquiring and preserving archaeological sites discovered on private land.


What We Do

We identify, acquire, secure, and manage the archaeological site as part of a long-term preservation plan. We also engage with and educate the general public about the preservation of our cultural heritage.


How We Do It

We depend on donations, gifts and grants for the funding needed for preservation. As a supporter, you become a member of the Conservancy and receive a subscription to American Archaeology Magazine.



Our Magazine

Published quarterly, American Archaeology a popular magazine devoted to the excitement and mystery of archaeology in the U.S. & North America – including Canada and Latin America. 


From 'American Archaeology' Magazine

Summer 2014 Cover Small

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The recent issue of American Archaeology Magazine, Summer 2014, is now available. Cover Photo: A Native American holds an elaborate pipe in this mid-19th century illustration by the noted artist Karl Bodmer. Photo Credit: Rare Books Division, The New York Public Library Members automa...
Holy Smoke

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Holy Smoke - By David Malakoff When Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Cuba during his first voyage to the New World in 1492, he and his shipmates saw something that baffled them. Many of the native people—probably members of the Taino tribe—smoked like chimneys. Men and women were “alway...

Featured Conservancy Sites

Prospect Hill Plantation

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The Archaeological Conservancy is raising funds through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for the preservation of the Prospect Hill Plantation in Jefferson County, Mississippi. For the past several years preservationists have watched in alarm at the slow deterioration of this historic home and adjoini...
Potter Mound

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Potter Mound is located on the Little River in the northeast portion of the state. This area is dense with mound sites, most of which date to the Parkin Phase (approximately A.D. 1350 to 1560) of the Mississippian period. This phase takes its name from Parkin, the largest site of this type and an Ar...


Explore the Wonders of the Past

00mayaFrom the remote jungles of Honduras to the pristine rivers of the American Southwest, our archaeological tours promise exciting adventure. Whether you like touring Maya temples or learning about North American rock art, you’ll be sure to find a Conservancy tour that fits your interest. For more than 20 years, the Conservancy has conducted tours ranging in length from four days to two weeks. Expert guides always accompany our tours, providing unique insights about the places we visit. Tour regions include the American Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest, as well as Mexico and Central and South America. Click here to see all our tours >>  

September 27 – October 7, 2014 Info Experience the cultural and scenic diversity of the American Southwest.  Our trip explores Native American cultures, both past and present, in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.  Expert archaeologists accompany our daily visits to some of the region’s most famous archaeological sites.

October 11 – 18, 2014  Info Beginning in Memphis and following the Mississippi River south to Natchez, our journey travels through more than five thousand years of history – from ancient earthen mounds to Civil War battlefields.  As early as 3500 B.C. and for the next five thousand years, rich and complex moundbuilder cultures developed along the fertile Mississippi River Valley. But in the 1500s Spanish invasions led to a drastic decline in the native population. Amidst the charm of the Old South and the magic of one of the world’s greatest rivers, our trip explores the region’s fascinating cultures.

October 24 – November 3, 2014 Info Join us in Oaxaca, Mexico, during one of the most unusual festivals anywhere – the Day of the Dead.  On this day, people prepare home altars and cemeteries to welcome the dead, who are believed to return to enjoy the food and drink they indulged in during life.  Not at all a morbid occasion, the town is filled with celebration. We’ll also visit the vast ruins of the Ancient Mixtecan and Zapotecan civilizations that lie just outside the city.

January 4 - 14, 2015 Info Explore the southern reaches of the Maya Empire – from the ancient cities found along the coast of Belize to Tikal, located deep within the Guatemalan rain forest.

John Henderson, professor of anthropology at Cornell University and noted author of The World of the Ancient Maya, will accompany the tour.

March 25 - April 4, 2015 Info This tour takes us to some of the more out-of-the-way, but spectacular, Maya ruins in southern Mexico that flourished between A.D. 300 and 900. We begin in the tropical lowlands and end in the fabulous highlands of Chiapas among the modern Maya people. We’ll see tremendous pyramids, unbelievable sculptures and murals, and modern arts and crafts. Our guide will be noted Maya scholar, Dr. John Henderson of Cornell University.

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