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The work of The Archaeological Conservancy’s regional directors is supported by each region’s field representatives, who play an important role in site acquisition and preservation. The Conservancy welcomed three new field representatives within the past year, in the east, southwest, and western regions. 

Linsie Lafayette

Linsie Lafayette is the new western regional field representative. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Oregon State University and her master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Nevada, Reno. Linsie has more than 20 years of experience working professionally as an archaeologist, principally in the field of cultural resource management in Nevada. She said this experience has been beneficial for addressing the needs of archaeological site preservation and in communicating about archaeological methods and materials with the public during tours and events. When not at work, Linsie enjoys hiking with her dog in the Sierra foothills and going to the beach at Lake Tahoe with her friends and family. 


Megan Reeve

Megan Reeve is the new eastern regional field representative. She is a Maryland native with a bachelor’s degree in archaeology from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. After completing her field school requirement at the Italian site of Poggio del Molino, she has gained a robust set of skills and knowledge from various parts of the industry, including historic plantation archaeology, collections management, and field school instruction. After a career as a field archaeologist in cultural resource management, Megan joins the Conservancy in a pivot to cultural land management to help preserve important archaeological resources for future research. When not working, Megan spends time in her garden with her cat, Charlie, and meandering through antique shops.


Mandy Woods

Mandy Woods is the new southwest regional field representative. She earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from University of New Mexico with a minor in history and a focus in archaeology. She grew up in the Southwest and said she fell in love with learning about the world, and its people and cultures, at a young age. She has five years of experience working in cultural resource management in the United States, across three regions and nine states, primarily in the west and southwest. She currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her two dogs and cat, who often travel with her on fieldwork adventures.