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Archaeology at the Haynie Site: Investigating a Chacoan Outlier on the Colorado Plateau

Presented by:

  • Jim Walker, The Archaeological Conservancy Southwestern Regional Director
  • Kellam Throgmorton, Haynie Site Field Director from Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

More about the lecture

The Archaeological Conservancy and our partners at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center were recently notified that the Haynie Pueblo Archaeological Preserve will be awarded the Stephen H. Hart Award for Historic Preservation at a ceremony on February 7,2022. History Colorado presents this award annually recognizing and celebrating exemplary archaeology and historic preservation projects across Colorado.

This project received more than 48 percent of the vote with over 1,600 votes cast! To thank our voters, the Conservancy and Crow Canyon are co-hosting a virtual event to celebrate this achievement! The presentation will feature Jim Walker of the Archaeological Conservancy and Kellam Throgmorton of Crow Canyon Archaeological Center who will share more about the how the site was acquired, what is necessary to preserve the site, and what ongoing research tells us about its connection to Chaco culture.
Haynie Pueblo is a located in the picturesque Mesa Verde archaeological region of southwest Colorado. The Pueblo was a Chacoan outlier occupied from around 500 to 1280 A.D. The five-acre site contains two massive, multi-storied Chacoan Great Houses as well as other masonry architecture, kivas, pithouses, and dense trash middens. The Archaeological Conservancy acquired the Haynie Site in 2019 with the generous support of our members and the assistance of a Colorado Historical Fund grant. Research conducted by the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center continues to contribute to our knowledge of the site and the people who lived there centuries ago.

About the presenter

Kellam Throgmorton
Kellam Throgmorton is the Field Director for the Northern Chaco Outliers Project. He received his Ph.D. from Binghamton University in 2019. His research interests include early villages, sociopolitical organization, landscape archaeology, and architecture. Kellam’s dissertation considered Chaco landscapes as a form of political action, and he conducted fieldwork at two Chaco outlier communities: Morris 40 near Farmington, New Mexico, and Padilla Wash in Chaco Culture National Historical Park. He assisted in research at numerous outliers, including Chimney Rock, Las Ventanas, and Aztec North. Kellam is excited to be working at the Haynie site and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm with students and the public.

Jim Walker
Jim Walker, a New Mexico native, has been with Archaeological Conservancy for the past 40 years, currently serving as the Conservancy’s Vice President and Southwest Regional Director. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of New Mexico in Anthropology (BA) and Business Administration (MBA). He has extensive archaeological knowledge as well as experience and expertise in real estate and cultural resource management. Jim is instrumental to the Conservancy’s ongoing success in the Southwestern Region.

Free For Everyone

Our virtual lectures are a part of our Outreach and Education efforts. They are free to our Members and the General Public.  Recorded lectures are posted on YouTube and on the event page after the event occurs.

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