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Photo of petroglyphs on a boulder that have been digitally enhanced with D-Stretch

D-stretch analysis on a rock art panel.
Photo Credit: California Rock Art Foundation

Western Field Representative Linsie Lafayette sat down in December 2023 with archaeologist Alan Garfinkel, president and founder of California Rock Art Foundation, to talk about the Conservancy’s work on The Rock Art Podcast, produced through The Archaeology Podcast Network. The California Rock Art Foundation is a scientific and educational organization that identifies and preserves rock art in Alta and Baja, California. It conducts field trips, training, and coordinates research at rock art sites in California. 

They spoke about Lafayette’s background, the purpose and mission of The Archaeological Conservancy, and discussed the Coso Rock Art District and the Jay T. Last Archaeological Preserve (also known as the Rocky Hill Site), which contains polychrome pictographs created by the Southern Valley Yokut. 

You can listen to the episode at and learn more about California Rock Art Foundation at