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Summer of 2023 the Archaeological Conservancy’s eastern office hosted a group of local high school students for the first G-A Gives Back Day, a day where students from Greencastle-Antrim High School give back to their community through various service projects. A group of students accompanied by a teacher chose to spend their day volunteering to help with the upkeep of the trails at the Ebbert Spring Preserve and Heritage Park. Students helped clear vegetation and spread mulch around the property.

Ebbert Spring was first excavated in 2003. In the following 10 years, thousands of artifacts were recovered, most of which date to the Middle and Late Woodland periods, or to the later historic occupation of the property. These artifacts are now curated locally at the Allison-Antrim Museum, which has partnered with The Archaeological Conservancy to manage the historic house on the property. The house, built in the mid-1700s, was the home of the Allison family who played important roles in founding the nearby town of Greencastle and constructing Fort Allison, which is likely located on the Ebbert Spring property. 

Ebbert Spring not only contains important archaeological and historic sites, but also serves as an ecological oasis in the midst of a highly developed area. The sites, buildings, and natural habitats are protected and managed in partnership by the Conservancy, Allison-Antrim Museum, and Antrim Township.