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In 2021, we were able to save several significant archaeological sites with the help of generous donors like you. Among those is the McGraw Farm site.

Eight hundred years ago, smoke wafted over a small village located on a terrace next to the New River in southern West Virginia. The people living there, at what is now known as the McGraw Farm site, were the descendants of people who migrated to the New River from the Ohio River Valley centuries ago. The artifacts and features found at this important site suggest that it is associated with the Bluestone Phase of the Fort Ancient culture.

Tomorrow, as people around the world support #GivingTuesday, donate to The Archaeological Conservancy. Be the preservation hero we need, and help give your children and grandchildren the archaeological heritage they deserve.

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday and your chance to save more extraordinary sites like McGraw Farm.

Join us in Saving America’s Archaeological Treasures!

✨ A reminder that on Giving Tuesday, we are hosting a special lunchtime Virtual Event, Preservation Across the Nation at 12pm MST.  Click here to register on Zoom Webinars.

| The Archaeological Conservancy 2021


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