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    DateFeb 14, 2018

    Vol. 20 No. 1


    Celebrating a Centennial BY MARGARET SHAKESPEARE

    The National Park Service has made significant contributions to archaeology during its 100-year existence.

    Artifacts For Sale BY JULIAN SMITH

    Selling ancient artifacts is commonplace for some people in western Alaska.

    Religion and the Rise of Cahokia BY ALEXANDRA WITZE

    Recent research at a neighboring site has led some archaeologists to believe that religion was instrumental to Cahokia’s growth.

    Searching for Etzanoa BY DAVID MALAKOFF

    Archaeologists in Kansas believe they have found one of North America’s largest prehistoric settlements.

    Five Hundred and Counting BY TAMARA STEWART

    The Archaeological Conservancy has preserved more than 500 sites since it was formed in 1980.


    new acquisition: Partnering For Preservation

    The Conservancy joins forces with two organizations to establish another preserve.

    new acquisition: Preserving A Legend

    The Conservancy, government agencies, and a private andowner team up to preserve all of Legend Rock.

    point acquisition: A Wealth of Ceramics

     Archaeologists don’t know who lived at LA 503, but they do know the residents used a wide variety of ceramics

    COVER: A kiva (foreground) and the remains of an 18th-century Spanish mission church

    (background) are seen in this photo of Pecos National Historical Park in Pecos, New Mexico.

    CREDIT: Isabel Synnatschke