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    DateFeb 14, 2018

    Vol. 19 No. 2


    Visiting California's Historic Missions BY GAYLE KECK

    The Golden State’s many historic missions make for an interesting and informative tour.

    A Lost City Found? BY CHARLES C. POLING

    When a scientific expedition reported its discovery of an ancient lost city in eastern Honduras, a number of regional experts were alarmed rather than pleased.

    Unearthing Magic BY JULIAN SMITH

    During the last few decades archaeologists have begun to look for evidence of European and African immigrants’ spiritual practices that are sometimes suggestive of magic.

    Grappingling with a Great Mystery BY DAVID MALAKOFF

    The Village Ecodynamics Project has offered insights into the mystery of why the Anasazi abandoned their homeland in the late 13th century.

    Revisting Old Vero Man BY TAMARA STEWART

    Nearly 100 years after its discovery, archaeologists have returned to the Old Vero Man site to investigate a once-controversial hypothesis.


    new acquisition: Another Hopwell Success

    The Steel site contains 11 ancient earthworks.

    new acquisition: Preserving Quarries and Pueblos

    The Conservancy obtains five sites located on a New Mexico ranch.

    point acquisition: Saving an Ancient Earthwork

    The Yorktown Enclosure has significant research potential.

    point acquisition: Examing Iroquois Origins

    The Conservancy signs an option to acquire the Footer site.

    COVER:San Francisco de Asís’ modest 18th-century adobe church features this spectacular altar.

    CREDIT: Rubén G. Mendoza