Two of our amazing winter Archaeological Adventures, The Hidden Maya: Chiapas to Tabasco and the Maya Empire: Belize to Tikal still have spaces available for you to join us. Give the gift of travel! And join us for some of the most unique tours of the region. You will be joined by not only local expert guides, but also a Senior Staff member of the  Conservancy as well as Professor John Henderson of Cornell University, a renowned expert in the cultures of MesoAmerica.

Here we look at just two of the amazing locations, one Bonampak and the other Palenque,  you will see on our spectacular Tour of The Hidden Maya: Chiapas to Tabasco. Stay Tuned for a deeper look at the Maya Empire: Belize to Tikal (Explore our other tours).

This tour Of the Hidden Maya World takes us to some of the more out-of-the-way, but spectacular, Maya ruins in southern Mexico that flourished between A.D. 300 and 900.   We begin in the tropical lowlands and end in the fabulous highlands of Chiapas among the modern Maya people.  We’ll see tremendous pyramids, unbelievable sculptures and murals, and modern arts and crafts.



One of the archaeological highlights of the Conservancy’s Maya of Chiapas and Tabasco tour is visiting the archaeological site of Bonampak. Hidden in the dense Lacaondón Jungle, Bonampoc wasn’t seen by outsiders until 1946 when John Frey, a WWII conscientious objector and John Bourne, heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune were guided to Bonampac by Chan Bor, a Lacandón. There, they found a spectacular series of painted polychrome murals located in the Templo de las Pinturas, a monument believed to have been built under the reign of Chan Muwan II who acceded to Bonampak’s throne in AD 776.

The murals, which had faded through the years, were restored and recorded in the late 1990s by researchers from Yale University to their stunning richness of full polychrome. The site of Bonampak was once nearly impossible to visit, but today we can take you there. Above you can see a few of the images from this phenomenal treasure, but they don’t do justice to being there yourself.

To join us on this archaeological adventure, contact us at or by phone at (505) 266-1540.


Built on a series of low hills at the edge of the Gulf Coast Plain, the archaeological site of Palenque was built by the Maya in one of the most enchanting settings imaginable. Hundreds of buildings were built covering a15 sq. km. area. Temples adorned with stately roofcombs, palaces, courtyards and ballcourts are all here to be discovered and admired. Wondering the site is truely other worldly.

To join us on this archaeological adventure, contact us at or by phone at (505) 266-1540.

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To join us on this archaeological adventure, contact us at or by phone at (505) 266-1540.






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