Watch the 2nd Episode of our Virtual Tour Video Series


Take a guided tour of our preserves from the comfort of your living room in our new Virtual Tour Video Series!

We are excited to take you on our latest virtual tour to Pueblo San Marcos led by Conservancy President, Mark Michel.  Pueblo San Marcos is a 65-acre Conservancy Preserve located just southeast of Santa Fe.  It’s also known as “The Turquoise Pueblo” where the people of this ancestral site mined and traded turquoise mined from the nearby Cerrillos Hill.  The people of San Marcos produced the first examples of lead-glaze pottery in the region and were instrumental in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  The site also contains the remains of a 17th century mission and convento that was excavated and researched in the early 2000’s.

Learn more about this fascinating site by watching the full video HERE. And be sure to keep scrolling after the video for a photo gallery and links related to Pueblo San Marcos.

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The Archaeological Conservancy | 2020


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