The Archaeological Conservancy’s

Virtual Tour Video Series

Take a guided tour of our preserves from the comfort of your living room in our new Virtual Tour Video Series!  Episodes 1 through 6 are available now!

Episode 1: Arroyo Hondo Pueblo | Santa Fe, NM

Join Southwestern Regional Director and Vice President, James Walker, on a Virtual Tour of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo – an Archaeological Conservancy preserve located just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In Episode 1, you’ll learn more about this Coalition Period site, the exciting excavations that took place there in the 1970’s, and how the Conservancy came to acquire this fascinating place.

Episode 2: Pueblo San Marcos | Santa Fe, NM

Join President, Mark Michel, on a Virtual Tour of Pueblo San Marcos – an Archaeological Conservancy preserve near the Cerrillos Hills of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In Episode 2, you’ll learn more about the people, technologies, and trade of San Marcos; the research conducted there over the past 100 years; and how the site came to be one of the Conservancy’s first acquisitions in the 1980’s.

Episode 3: Arbuckle's Fort | Alderson, WV

Join us as Drs. Kim and Stephen McBride and Kelley Berliner lead a guided tour of Arbuckle’s Fort in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

In Episode 3, you’ll learn more about this Revolutionary War era site and see exclusive footage from past excavations.  The site also has a few other archaeological treasures to share.  Don’t miss the latest episode!

Episode 4: Wells Petroglyph Preserve | Lyden, NM

Join Katherine Wells and Chester Liwosz for a special virtual tour of Wells Petroglyph Preserve located in northern New Mexico.

In Episode 4, you’ll visit a variety of rock art panels dating from Archaic through the historic periods that include solstice markers, ancient trails, Spanish lions, and anthropomorphic flute players. Watch the Episode HERE!

Episode 5: Archaeology at the Sharrow Site | Maine

Go behind the scenes during excavations at the Sharrow Archaeological Preserve in central Maine and learn more about the prehistoric cultures that lived there thousands of years ago.

Your guides in Episode 5 include Arthur Spiess and John Mosher from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission and Kelley Berliner, Eastern Regional Director for The Archaeological Conservancy. Click HERE to watch!

Episode 6: The Hisatsinom Hilltop Sites of the Verde Valley | Arizona

Join us on a virtual journey to central Arizona where you’ll visit two fascinating hilltop Pueblo sites and an elaborate cavate complex in the Verde Valley. This film includes tours of two Conservancy preserves from the Tuzigoot Phase, Sugarloaf Pueblo and Atkeson Pueblo, along with a visit to an impressive group of interconnecting cavates along Oak Creek. The virtual tour concludes with a visit to the Verde Valley Archaeology Center which features Hisatsinom artifacts from the Dyck Cliff Dwelling Collection. Watch the episode HERE

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