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OCT 26 | Meteorites Found at or near Ancient Ruins in Central Arizona

Presented by | Ken Zollphoto of man in white shirt and green jacket with blue collar

In our third Virtual Lecture of 2023, Ken Zoll will discuss meteorites that have been found at several ancient sites in the American Southwest. Four of these meteorites were in or near dwellings of the Sinagua Culture in Central Arizona. The Sinagua meteorites were determined to be part of the Canyon Diablo meteorite that created Meteor Crater near Flagstaff more than 50,000 years ago. Literature suggested that these specimens were manually transported to their locations by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. However, using recent research and modeling, the manuport hypothesis is questioned, resulting in an alternative conclusion. In addition, the estimated date of the destruction of one of the Sinagua ruins was confirmed using radiocarbon dating of charred material adhering to the meteorite that was found in the dwelling.

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SEPT 14 | Prospect Hill: Enslavement and Freedom from Mississippi to Africa

Presented by | Dr. Shawn Lambert, Jessica Fleming Crawford, and Dr. James Andrew Whitaker
Black and white photo of old plantation house.
Prospect Hill Plantation House
Photo by Nikki Mattson

In our second Virtual Lecture of 2023, Dr. Shawn Lambert, Jessica Fleming Crawford, and Dr. James Andrew Whitaker discussed the Prospect Hill Plantation in southern Mississippi and its connection with the African country of Liberia. The Prospect Hill Plantation was established in the early 1800’s, and at its height as many as 300 people were enslaved there. Isaac Ross, the plantation owner, was a member of the American Colonization Society which raised money to establish settlements of formerly enslaved people in what is now the country of Liberia. Watch the recorded lecture here.

JUN 29 | An Exploration of Tijeras Canyon Archaeology

Presented by | April M. Brown, Southwest Regional Director for The Archaeological Conservancy

In our first Virtual Lecture of 2023 April Brown spoke about one of our latest southwest acquisition projects – an intact Tijeras Canyon Pueblo site situated just a few miles away from Tijeras Pueblo.  Watch the recorded lecture here.


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