Join us on March 10 at 5 pm MDT as our Southeastern Regional Director Jessica Crawford presents “Preserving a Prehistoric City Beneath a Modern Town: The Archaeological Conservancy’s Troyville Preserve.”

From about AD 400 to 700, a great settlement was constructed at the confluence of the Tensas, Black and Ouachita Rivers in Louisiana. The Troyville site originally consisted of nine mounds, the largest was nearly 80 feet with two “terraces” that were topped with what was described as a “flattened cone or dome.” In this upcoming lecture, Jessica will discuss the archaeological research that has been conducted at the site and the Conservancy’s efforts to acquire and preserve what remains of it.

There are two ways to attend live. To attend via the Webex digital event platform, you can register at this LINK.  You can also participate via livestream by visiting our Facebook page.

To find out more visit the official event page HERE.  The full lecture will also be available afterwards on the official page for the event, as well as our YouTube Channel. Be sure to visit our events calendar and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on our Virtual Lecture Series.  
| The Archaeological Conservancy 2021


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