This past week, TAC’s Western Office personnel were the featured speakers at the Sacramento Archaeological Society (SAS) Annual Meeting.  SAS is a non-profit, founded in 1988, which is comprised of both professional and avocational archaeologists.  This Archaeological Society raises funds for student scholarships, develops archaeological tours and fieldtrips, and holds various meetings and gatherings throughout the year.

This year’s Annual Meeting was held at the home of Carolyn and Gordon McGregor, who are also stewards for one of TAC’s preserves in the Sacramento area.  The meeting was led by John Foster, SAS President and retired Senior State Archaeologist for the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  John led a brief board meeting which was followed by TAC presentations.

Cory Wilkins preparing to present at the SAS Annual Meeting.
Cory Wilkins preparing to present at the SAS Annual Meeting.

Cory Wilkins, TAC’s Western Regional Director, gave a presentation discussing the basic workings of The Conservancy and then focused on several preserves in California. Following Cory, Deanna Commons, TAC’s Western Field Representative, discussed in depth the newest California acquisition, the Siemer Archaeological Preserve.

The presentations were followed by dinner and a raffle where winners had their pick of numerous archaeological and anthropological books and reports. TAC’s Western Staff were thrilled to participate in the event and look forward to hearing about SAS’s next adventures. What a wonderful group of archaeology lovers to work with!

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Fabulous Dinner at the SAS Annual Meeting.
Fabulous Dinner at the SAS Annual Meeting.



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