Here in the Southeast, we have been honored to have Dr. Jayur Mehta of Tulane University working at our Carson Mounds Site preserve in Mississippi. Dr. Mehta’s work at Carson not only adds to what we know about prehistoric mound building cultures in the Lower Mississippi Valley, it also plays an active role in local public education and community outreach. He has been working on the site bringing student volunteers and conducting field schools since 2010, after it was protected by the Conservancy in 2007. The site was only protected after land leveling for farming scraped as  much as three feet of dirt off the tops of small mounds and a midden, and hundreds of human remains were exposed. Read more about what happened and how this important site was preserved.


Here is a piece on Dr. Mehta’s recent work with Dr. John Connway and Tulane students at the Carson Mounds Preserve in Mississippi. The 2015 field school just wrapped up, you can read more on Dr. Mehta’s own blog. Below is the video montage from the 2014 field school, follow by the full of in the field  video wrap-up of the 2014 season. He has also been the key author of the Wikipedia entry for Carson Mounds .


We are so glad we have such great researchers to collaborate with on learning and preserving!
Dr. Jayur Mehta
Dr. Jayur Mehta
Update from Jessica Crawford, Southeast Regional Director


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