The Archaeological Conservancy recently accepted a donation of a large prehistoric burial mound in north eastern Kentucky.  Town Square Bank, of Ashland KY, has generously donated 3 parcels of land totaling about 5 acres that include this mound.  This site dates to the Woodland Period and is in very good condition having never been plowed down or having any major looting occur.

The site was only recently recorded after Stuart Nealis, a Doctoral student at the University of Kentucky, did a project investigating the site using Geoarchaeological investigation methods. Nealis writes, “Geoarchaeological analysis encompasses a wide array of techniques used in archaeology,from sediment analyses to geophysical survey… The primary objectives of this research w[as]… to evaluate internal mound stratigraphy to understand construction sequence and timing, and determine mound fill origin.”

Surface model showing local topography of site. From Stuart Nealis.
Surface model showing local topography of site. From Stuart Nealis.

The site is now newly registered with the State Historic Preservation Office.  Special thanks go out to Conservancy members Charlie Holbrook and Dwight Cropper for all of their help in making this important donation a reality.

View of topography from above.
View of topography from above.

A special event will be held May 12th to celebrate the donation:

The ceremony to commemorate

the deed transference to be held at the site:

May 12 at 2:00 PM

The elliptical shaped mound is approximately 20′ high by 80′ long. A preliminary survey of the mound has been conducted by the University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology, however, the exact age of the mound has yet to be determined but it may be 500 to 2,500 years old. The earthwork is registered by the Office of State Archaeologist and named the Town Square Mound in honor of the generous contribution of the bank.

Please contact the TAC MW regional office for additional information and to attend.

Midwest Regional Office:  Josh McConaughy, Associate Director,

614-267-1100 (office),



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