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On the very foggy morning of January 14th, work was done on the Site of the Kings 4 Archaeological Preserve for which monitoring was required. The Southern California Edison Company was able to remove three idle utility poles that were no longer in use.  Two of these poles were on the Kings 4 Preserve in Hanford, California, the other was just off The Archaeological Conservancy’s property. The Kings 4 Archaeological Preserve consists of a large prehistoric mound and associated burials.  Photos document the poles being removed.

Kings 4 Archaeological Preserve, CA in deep fog.
Kings 4 Archaeological Preserve, CA in deep fog


In addition on that day, several of the staff and community members from the Santa Rosa Rancheria repatriated cultural remains back to the Preserve.  Culturally speaking,  this region of the Southern San Joaquin Valley is the ethnographic territory of the Southern Valley Yokut Indians.  The Southern Valley Yokuts are divided into various tribal groups, usually delineated by different dialects.  The Santa Rosa Rancheria is comprised of members of the federally recognized Tachi Yokut tribe, who belong to the larger entity of the Southern Valley Yokut Indians. Photos below shows some of the staff and community members of the Santa Rosa Rancheria completing this repatriation in the deep fog at the Preserve.

Kings 4 Archaeological Preserve, CA
Kings 4 Archaeological Preserve, CA


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