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TOUR | Oaxaca, Mexico @ Oaxaca, Mexico
Oct 22 – Nov 2 all-day
TOUR | Oaxaca, Mexico @ Oaxaca, Mexico

For over a thousand years the Calusa, Tocobaga, and Seminole dominated southern Florida. They developed complex civilizations, created breathtaking artwork, and constructed monumental earthworks. Time and again, they defeated those who attempted to subjugate them.

Join us in Oaxaca, Mexico during one of the most unusual festivals anywhere – the Day of the Dead. On this day, people prepare home altars and cemeteries to welcome the dead, who are believed to return to enjoy the food and drink they indulged in during life. Not at all a morbid occasion, the town is filled with celebration.

Oaxaca lies in a semitropical valley surrounded by the peaks of the Sierra Madre del Sur. The city’s architecture reflects its rich Spanish Colonial and modern history. Vast ruins of Ancient Mixtecan and Zapotecan civilizations lie just outside the city. Oaxacan archaeologist Dr. Jeffrey Blomster will accompany us on our trip.

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| The Archaeological Conservancy 2022