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TOUR | Cliff Dwellers @ Arizona and Utah
Sep 16 – Sep 26 all-day
TOUR | Cliff Dwellers @ Arizona and Utah

They rank among the most amazing archaeological sites anywhere: walls and doorways, towers and kivas, all tucked neatly into sandstone cliffs. More than 700 years ago, the Anasazi and Sinagua cultures of the Four Corners region called these cliff dwellings home. Warm and dry during the winter, the secluded pueblos may also have protected villagers from attacking enemies.

Today, amidst the scenery of Arizona and Colorado, our tour presents the most famous of the region’s cliff dwellings, as well as modern-day pueblos and several Conservancy preserves. Archaeologists well-versed in the region’s prehistory will accompany the tour.

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| The Archaeological Conservancy 2022