The Smith Family Archaeological Preserve (SFAP) was established in 2013 as the result of a generous land donation by the Adelbert Smith Family Trust. The 196 acre preserve protects more than 200 prehistoric petroglyphs and multiple features in an effort to educate and inspire the local community and others through preserving the regions prehistoric past.

The rock art at SFAP was created over thousands of years and during multiple occupations from as long ago as 13,000 BCE. Under a cultural resource management plan established for the SFAP, the Archaeological Conservancy pledges to first protect cultural resources for future generations and second, educate the local community and others about the prehistoric heritage of the region. This plan includes increasing viewing accessibility to rock art panels through a system of trails and markers, securing the property, documentation and mapping of significant artifacts and features, and land and erosion stabilization and control.  Tours of the park are currently available through the end of October, based on a first come first serve basis.

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