Archaeologist Wannabes…..Take Note!

SANTA FE, NM – The Santa Fe National Forest is looking for site stewards to protect its wealth of archaeological sites rich with sherds, lithics and adobe pueblo remains.  The selected stewards will receive comprehensive training in a full-day session on Saturday, March 21, 2020.  Because applicants must complete an application, which is then reviewed for eligibility, the Program must receive applications as early as possible.

The training covers the topics of safety, proper preparation, national forest regulations, historic preservation acts, sensitivity to the cultures, both prehistoric and modern, identification of artifacts, code of conduct, chain of command, site monitoring procedures and documentation.

By the end of the training, applicants are eligible to become volunteer site stewards.  No previous archaeological experience is necessary.

Stewards are assigned to a specific site that they visit on a regular basis (generally once every six weeks) with a partner.  They monitor their site for evidence of any deterioration caused by natural causes or by vandalism and file a brief site visit report.

As a result of their experiences, Site Stewards become more familiar with the Forest’s cultural resources as well as broaden their knowledge of ancient cultures in New Mexico.  Occasional workshops on the archaeology of the area and its prehistoric peoples are offered to interested stewards to inform them about the types of ceramics, lithics and other cultural remains that they encounter.  Stewards are also eligible for special VIP visits to some sites that are closed to the public.

To apply, visit the “Become a Site Steward” page on the Santa Fe National Forest Site Stewards to complete an application and review the program’s criteria.   Don’t delay;  send in your application today.

Lois M. Haggard, Media Contact
505-920-7550  | Email:


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