Jessica Crawford, The Archaeological Conservancy’s Southeast Regional Director, received an award of Special Recognition on November 10th from the Southeast Archaeological Conference, held this year in Tulsa.  The award was presented by SEAC President Jay Johnson for her outstanding efforts to permanently preserve dozens of important archaeological sites in the southeastern United States.

Learn about some of these unique Southeastern sites:

“The Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) was founded in response to the tremendous increase in federally-funded archaeological work in the Southeast during the 1930s. As noted by Stephen Williams (1960), projects in Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia especially were generating more archaeological data every six months than in the “several previous decades”. SEAC was created to allow excavators to quickly share new data with each other and to standardize ceramic types…By spring 2002, membership in the Southeastern Archaeological Conference had reached 1020 and attendance at the annual conference typically exceeds 450. Thematic gatherings have given way to concurrent sessions spanning two and a half days. Southeastern Archaeology now typically publishes over 200 pages per year of articles and book reviews.”


  1. A well-deserved honor for an incredibly hard-working Conservancy staff member. Jessica goes way beyond the call of duty, working hard in complicated situations to save important archaeological sites. The results always make it look easy, but the actual process is often very difficult, dealing with landowners, government entities, and people with hidden agendas. This award demonstrates that the members of the largest archaeological organization in the Southeast, whose members are both professional archaeologists and interested citizens, recognize the important work that Jessica and the Conservancy carry out in saving scientifically-important archaeological sites that would otherwise be destroyed forever. We applaud you, Jessica!


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