Give Future Generations the Gift

of Archaeological Heritage!

Please help us save irreplaceable archaeological treasures threatened across the country. This year, The Archaeological Conservancy was able to save 23 extraordinary archaeological sites from damage and destruction. Become part of one of the most important forces protecting America’s cultural Heritage – the ONLY national non-profit organization preserving archaeological sites across the country. With the help of generous donors like you, we have saved more than 500 significant sites in 45 states – including Chacoan Pueblos, colonial homesteads, Iroquois villages, Paleo-Indian campsites and the list goes on. BUT there are still MANY MORE that need your help.

Among the sites protected in 2016 is Woodhaven is an 8,700-year-old Olcott period habitation and workstation site. Archaeologists have described the site as one of the more remarkable Olcott sites ever recorded. The artifacts from this site are among the most significant archaeological deposits in Washington state.

This year Steel Earthworks was also added to the 505 sites the Conservancy has protected, over our 36 years. Steel Earthworks is the sixth largest Hopewell preserve in the area, containing the highest concentration of small earthworks so far discovered in Ohio.  From about 100 B.C. to A.D. 500, the Hopewell produced massive earthworks throughout the region.  Unfortunately, today many sites in the region have been destroyed by modern farming and urban sprawl. Your generous donation will go directly to saving more threatened sites like Steel Earthworks.

This #GivingTuesday give the gift of preservation. By DONATING now you are saving our significant and threatened cultural heritage, made vulnerable by neglect, development projects, urban sprawl and looting. Because without your support our archaeological resources could just disappear!

Preserve the Past for the Future!
#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving back.

Please Join Us NOW and Give a gift that lasts!

Who We Are: The Archaeological Conservancy is the only national, nonprofit organization that identifies, acquires, and preserves the most significant archaeological sites in the United States. Since its beginning in 1980, the Conservancy has preserved over 500 sites across the nation, ranging in age from the earliest habitation sites in North America to a 19th-century frontier army post. We are building a national system of archaeological preserves to ensure the survival of our irreplaceable cultural heritage. Funds raised from our #GivingTuesday Campaign go directly to our Preservation Fund to save more sites. For more information, please visit our ‘About Us‘ page, or learn about becoming a Member!







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