Sneak Peak Ahead Field Blog for Fall 2015

Our intrepid reporter, Tamara Stewart, visited Chevelon Canyon and Rock Art Ranch.  Join her for a Sneak Peak at some reporting in the field underway for our Fall Issue of American Archaeology Magazine, coming out early September.

Pictured above is the gorgeous Chevelon Canyon that runs thru the Rock Art Ranch– an incredible oasis in the hot, dry desert. The canyon itself is full of pristine, mostly pre-ceramic petroglyphs as the area has been well protected on this private ranch. There are lots of animal and humanoid images & an amazing diversity of plants. One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, the camera just doesn’t do justice!

photo 2

Here is the ranch owner and generous host Brantley Baird showing his on-site museum of artifacts from across the state. A true cowboy & great host with a vast knowledge of the area’s history that he’s happy to share.

photo 3

An unusual find at the Multi-Kiva site where students with the University of Arizona Field School are excavating– an incised sandstone rock. Three have been found at the site so far,  they are a very unique find. You can just see how excited the archaeologists are about this amazing find!

photo 4

Excavations at the Multi-Kiva site, a ca. AD 1225 Mogollon pueblo on state land adjacent to the ranch.  The crews were wrapping up survey of the ranch & excavations at the Multi-Kiva site shortly. Stay tuned for  the full story in the fall issue!

photo 5

Tamara Stewart,  Assistant Editor, American Archaeology Magazine

Read more Reporting from Tamara Stewart in our current Issue of Summer 2015 Revisting Old Vero Man site, and Explore all our Summer 2015 Articles

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  1. I am good friends with Andrew Agha and Jon Marcoux. I saw the post from the newest American Archeology with the article on their research work here in the Charleston area. I have also been privileged to work with them both on both sites several times. I would like to get a copy for myself of the magazine and Jon said you could help with that. So if you would please let me know how to get a copy I would be very grateful. Thanks, Bob Welch

    • Thank you for your excitement! and for reading the Magazine :). Also always excited to hear from the actual excavators and archaeologists on site. We have sent you an email 🙂


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