Anthropology in the News
Links to daily news stories relating to anthropology as posted on the Web by newspapers and other news sources around the country.

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
World directory of archaeology and anthropology websites.

Daily archaeological news from across the world.

Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities
Lists information about field schools and volunteer opportunities around the world.

Archaeological Parks in the United States
An index of archaeological parks in the United States.

The Archaeology Channel
Streaming video and audio on archaeology and indigenous peoples worldwide, with teacher resources, news, and other features.

Billed as the World Wide Web virtual library for archaeology, this site offers dozens of links for novices and experts alike.

Archaeology Magazine News Headlines
A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, international Archaeology News headlines .

Friends of Tijeras Pueblo
Information to promote understanding, awareness, appreciation and protection of archaeological resources throughout the Cibola National Forest.

Links to the Past
Provides information about archaeological projects within the National Park Service.

National Association of State Archaeologists
A directory of state archaeologists for the United States.

National Trust for Historic Preservation
The nation’s leading preservation organization helps people protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them.

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center
The center provides opportunities for direct public participation in archaeological and historical research programs.

Research Laboratories of Archaeology
Features information from the first center dedicated to the study of archaeology in North Carolina.

SAA News Sources
Page of Links to current Archaeology News Stories from SAA’s public archaeology pages.

World Archaeology Congress
A non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that is the only representative world-wide body of practicing archaeologists.

Alabama Archaeological Society
Founded in 1974, the Association is a statewide professional organization for people working, studying and interested in all areas of northern anthropology.

Alaska Anthropological Association
Organized in 1954, the Alabama Archaeological Society promotes informed archaeological studies and the preservation of southeastern historic and prehistoric archaeological sites. AAS members participate in surface scouting, site mapping and reporting, artifact analysis, documentation, and the excavation and preservation of archaeological sites.

Arizona Archaeological Society
An independent, non-profit, state-wide volunteer organization aiming to foster interest and research in the archaeology of Arizona.

Arkansas Archaeological Society
The Arkansas Archeological Society was formed in 1960 for the purpose of uniting all persons interested in the archeology of Arkansas, for the recognition and preservation of our cultural heritage and prehistory, and for fostering and encouraging the public’s interest in the preservation of the past.

Society for California Archaeology
A nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to research, understanding, interpretation and conservation of the heritage of California and the regions that surround and pertain to it.

Colorado Archaeological Society
The Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) came into existence in 1935 as a focus for people having interests in the history and prehistory of humans in Colorado.

The Archaeological Society Of Connecticut
The Society serves to create situations in which these people may learn, contribute, and remain current on archaeological activities around the state of Connecticut as well as learn about the latest discoveries and archaeological techniques from around the country and, to a lesser extent, the world.

Archaeological Society of Delaware
The Archaeological Society of Delaware (ASD) was founded in 1933 by amateur and professional archaeologists to study and appreciate archaeology.

Florida Archaeological Council
The Florida Archaeological Council, founded in 1979, is a non-profit organization of professional archaeologists with an interest in Florida archaeology.

Florida Anthropological Society, Inc. 
Florida’s Statewide Organization of Archaeology and Anthropology

Society For Georgia Archaeology 
A non-profit organization whose vision is that all Georgians understand the significance of their archaeological sites so that they will support archaeological preservation, education and research.

Idaho Archaeological Society 
The Idaho Archaeological Society’s mission is to preserve, educate, and encourage the study of Idaho’s antiquities.

Illinois State Archaeological Society 
The Illinois State Archaeological Society attempts to assist professional archaeologists with their research projects, regularly participates in archaeological activities, and donates to worthwhile archaeological projects. Members often give lectures, participate in professional digs, and loan artifacts to museums and other public institutions.

Center for American Archaeology
Educational programs and research projects in central Illinois.

Indiana Archaeological Council
The Indiana Archaeology Council is an organization of professional archaeologists who have come together to promote the conservation and understanding of Indiana’s cultural resources by exemplifying proper, appropriate, and ethical excavation and analysis of all archaeological sites and materials; educating the public regarding the social and scientific importance of cultural resource preservation and management; providing a voice for professional archaeologists in public dialog regarding archaeology; and to share its profound respect for human cultural and biological diversity.

Iowa Archaeological Society 

To unite those interested in the archaeology of Iowa; To foster cooperation among professional and amateur archaeologists; To promote the study, investigation, and interpretation of prehistoric and historic remains in Iowa; To provide for the dissemination of knowledge and research in archaeology and related disciplines; To encourage the recording and preservation of sites and artifacts; To develop a constructive attitude toward these cultural resources through education and public involvement.

Kansas Anthropological Association 
A non-profit organization of amateur and professional archeologists. Established in 1955, KAA has become a large and active group whose diverse members share a common interest in the prehistoric and historic peoples of the Central Plains.

Licking Valley Heritage Society  (Kentucky)
Our mission is to preserve, embrace and share the heritage of the Greater Licking Valley Area. Our vision for the future consists of constructing a museum to display artifacts, antiques, photographs and literature in order to educate our children and keep our history alive.

W.S. Webb Archaeological Society (Kentucky)
No website. Meet 3rd Wednesday every month 7:30 pm (7:00 social) Rm 108 Lafferty Hall, University of Kentucky; guest speaker every month. Annual cookouts and Christmas party are also scheduled annually. Volunteer activities include field and lab work. Annual membership for individual or family is $10, student is $8. Contact faculty advisor, Dr. Richard Jefferies, Anthropology Department, 211B Lafferty Hall, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0024, or 606-257-2860.

Louisiana Archaeological Society 
Founded in 1974 and with a current membership of nearly 300, the Louisiana Archaeological Society (LAS) brings together professional and avocational archaeologists interested in investigating, interpreting, and preserving information on the prehistoric Indians and the early history of Louisiana.

Maine Archaeological Society 
The Maine Archaeological Society (MAS) was founded in 1956. Membership includes professional archaeologists, avocational archaeologists, as well as individuals of the general public who are interested in furthering the objectives of the society.

Archaeological Society of Maryland, Inc. 
The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. (ASM) is a statewide organization of lay and professional archeologists devoted to the study and conservation of Maryland archeology.

Massachusetts Archaeological Society 
The Massachusetts Archaeological Society (MAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and studying the archaeological heritage of Massachusetts.

Michigan Archaeological Society 
The Michigan Archaeological Society was formed in the 1930s for people dedicated to unearthing the past. The MAS now has a number of chapters throughout the state and members across the country

Council for Minnesota Archaeology 
The Council for Minnesota Archaeology is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting archaeological research and interpretation in Minnesota.

Minnesota Archaeological Society 
MAS is a doing organization; members volunteer their time and energy to participate in Society programs, helping to protect Minnesota’s rich heritage and learning something about themselves in the process.

Mississippi Archaeological Association 
The Mississippi Archaeological Association is an organization of professional archaeologists and lay people actively involved with archaeology and archaeological preservation, uniting in a common effort to understand the prehistory and history of Mississippi and the surrounding region.

Missouri Archaeological Society
The Missouri Archaeological Society (MAS) was founded in the 1930s as a nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to educational and charitable purposes.

Montana Archaeological Society
Organized in 1958, membership in the Montana Archaeological Society is open to both amateur and professional archaeologists.

Nebraska Archaeological Society
The Nebraska Archaeological Society is a chapter member of the Central States Archaeological Societies, Inc. and is a non-profit organization and has no paid officers or employees. We endeavor to develop a better understanding among students and collectors of archaeological material, professionals, as well as museums and institutions of learning, and to further this understanding by providing a means of publishing articles of interest by both professional and amateur archaeologists.

Nebraska Association of Professional Archaeologists, Inc.

The Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists was formed as a nonprofit organization in 1986 to promote the preservation and conservation of archeological sites in the state of Nebraska.

Nevada Archaeological Association
The purpose of the Nevada Archaeological Association (NAA) is to preserve Nevada’s antiquities, encourage the study of archaeology and to educate the public to the aims of archaeological research.

New Hampshire Archaeological Society
In 1947, a group of professional archaeologists, amateurs, history buffs, and relic collectors collaborated to provide a place to pool their experience, their knowledge and their enthusiasm. The New Hampshire Archeological Society was formed to promote, encourage, and stimulate the study of archaeology in the state of New Hampshire.

Archaeological Society of New Jersey 
The Archaeological Society of New Jersey was organized November 12, 1931, to promote and encourage the study of historic and prehistoric archaeology, especially in New Jersey.

Archaeological Society of New Mexico
For over 100 years ASNM members have encouraged study and preservation of New Mexico’s multicultural heritage through their efforts and activities.

New Mexico Archaeological Council
The New Mexico Archaeological Council is a consortium of professional archaeologists

Taos Archaeological Society (New Mexico)
A non-profit organization established to conserve the archaeological and historical presence and evidence in north central New Mexico.

Archaeological Institute of America New York Society
The AIA New York Society, the largest of the Archaeological Institute of America’s local societies was founded in 1884 and sponsors 8 free lectures on archaeology and archaeologically related themes for curious citizens in the New York Metropolitan area.

New York State Archaeological Association
The NYSAA is the primary organisation for professional and avocational archaeologists in New York State.

North Carolina Archaeological Society
The North Carolina Archaeological Society is a nonprofit organization devoted to preservation and study of the state’s archaeological past.

North Dakota Archaeological Association
Founded on May 3, 1980, the North Dakota Archaeological Association (NDAA) is a non-profit organization, comprised of avocationalists and professional archaeologists interested in the archaeology of North Dakota.

Archaeological Society of Ohio
The Society was organized to discover and conserve archaeological sites and material in Ohio; to seek and promote a better understanding among students and collectors of archaeological material, both professional and non-professional; and to disseminate knowledge on the subject of archaeology.

Oklahoma Anthropological Society
You can join with people throughout Oklahoma, as well as other states who enjoy making new discoveries, trying new experiences, meeting new people, and contributing new knowledge about anthropology and archeology to be recorded and preserved for future generations.

Association of Oregon Archaeologists
The Association of Oregon Archaeologists is a nonprofit organization composed of professional and avocational archaeologists.

Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc.
The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc. was organized in 1929 to: Promote the study of the prehistoric and historic archaeological resources of Pennsylvania and neighboring states; Encourage scientific research and discourage exploration which is unscientific or irresponsible in intent or practice; Promote the conservation of archaeological sites, artifacts, and information; Encourage the establishment and maintenance of sources of archaeological information such as museums, societies, and educational programs; Promote the dissemination of archaeological knowledge by means of publications and forums; Foster the exchange of information between the professional and the avocational archaeologists.

Narragansett Society (Rhode Island)
The Narragansett Society is an active branch of the Archaeological Institute of America, which aims to expand archaeological knowledge and appreciation of the ancient world through a wide variety of lectures and events open to the public.

Archaeological Society of South Carolina
The Archaeological Society of South Carolina has been in operation since 1968. Our goal is to share information about South Carolina’s archaeological heritage. We do this through our annual conference, which is held in the Spring, a Fall Field Day event, a quarterly newsletter, and via the internet with this web site, a blog, and a Facebook page.

South Dakota State Historical Society
They operate five program areas — archaeology, archives, historic preservation, museum, and research and publishing.

Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology
The Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology (TCPA) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation organized in 1992 to facilitate, assist, and advocate for professionalism in the field archaeology in the State of Tennessee, and to promote archaeological awareness and stewardship of our past.

Texas Archaeological Society
The Texas Archaeological Society welcomes you to the web site where you can learn more about archaeology around the state and how to actively participate in preserving your heritage.

Texas Beyond History
A public education service of the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin.

Utah Professional Archaeological Council
The Utah Professional Archaeological Council (UPAC) was established in May 1982 to maintain and promote the goals of professional archaeology in the state of Utah.

Utah Rock Art Research Association
The preservation of rock art is one of URARA’s primary purposes. We encourage rock art appreciation and research, but recognize that site visits and the sharing of information about site locations may negatively impact rock art. Members should seriously consider the consequences of identifying site locations, particularly in forms readily available to the public such as the Internet and publications. Field trips, research reports, and sharing site information should prioritize rock art protection.

Utah Statewide Archaeological Society
The Utah Statewide Archaeological Society (USAS) is an organization conceived for the individual who is curious about or wants to learn more about archaeology and the state’s prehistoric cultures. It is dedicated to the study and preservation of Utah’s past.

Vermont Archaeological Society
Formed in 1968, The Vermont Archaeological Society (VAS) is a volunteer organization comprised of professional and avocational archaeologists and the interested public.

Archaeological Society of Virginia
To promote the study of archeology and anthropology, especially but not limited to the prehistoric and historic periods in Virginia

Association for Washington Archaeology
Founded in 1981, AWA is a non-profit organization committed to the protection of archaeological and historical resources in the State of Washington.

Council for West Virginia Archaeology
We are professional archaeologists working in West Virginia or with research interests here. Nearly all of us are associated with government agencies or the consulting firms that do much of the actual exploration and excavation required by Federal law (usually called Section 106 compliance).

Wisconsin Archaeological Society
The Wisconsin Archeological Society is a nonprofit organization run and staffed entirely by volunteers. For over 100 years the Society has advanced Wisconsin archaeology through publications, site preservation, public education, and archaeological research.

Wyoming Archaeological Society
Our goal is to provide for the dissemination of current archaeological information from Wyoming, to provide access to the online journal of The Wyoming Archaeologist, to present relevant archaeological news, and, to provide upcoming events for both the avocational and professional archaeologist.

Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists
WAPA is a nonprofit that exists for the purposes of maintaining and promoting the goals of professional archaeology in the State of Wyoming.


Northwest Anthropological Association
The primary purposes of the Northwest Anthropological Association are to encourage the exchange of ideas and information among members of the anthropological community and to coordinate the annual Northwest Anthropological Conference.


Archaeology Southwest
Archaeology Southwest is a private nonprofit organization that explores and protects the places of our past through an integrated, conservation-based approach known as Preservation Archaeology.

Center for Desert Archaeology
Learn about archaeological and historic resources in the American Southwest and Mexican Northwest.

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
Learn about ongoing research in the Four Corners and upcoming archaeological fieldwork programs open to the public.


Mississippi Valley Archaeological Center
Information on research, preservation, and teaching about archaeological resources of the Upper Mississippi River region.

Midwest Archaeological Conference
The purpose of the Midwest Archaeological Conference is to promote and stimulate interest in the archaeology of the Midwestern United States and neighboring areas.

Midwest Bioarcheology & Forensic Anthropology Association
Our goal is to bring together professional and student osteologists from all subfields in an informal but structured setting.

Plains Anthropological Society
The Plains Anthropological Society promotes the study of the peoples and cultures of the North American Great Plains.


Conference on New England Archaeology
The Conference on New England Archaeology was formed in 1979 to strengthen communication and facilitate a continuous interchange of information among archaeologists who work in New England.

Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology
The Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology (CNEHA), founded in 1966, is a non-profit organization dedicated to archaeological scholarship in the American Northeast, including the Canadian provinces and the U.S. states of Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Eastern States Archaeological Federation 
An organization of state archaeological societies representing much of the Eastern United States and Canada.

Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference
Provides a yearly conference and a professional journal for archaeologists, both avocational and professional, working in the Middle Atlantic area: a place to meet, discuss problems and issues, present recent work, and socialize with our colleagues.

New England Antiquities Research Association
NEARA was founded in 1964 to promote disciplined research exploring the origins and functions of these structures and sites, to document them and to encourage their protection and preservation.

Northeast Forensic Anthropology Association
No website.


Southeastern Archaeology Conference
Up to date information on recent archaeological excavations and other information from the Southeast.


Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society
A non-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to enhancing public awareness and appreciation of historic shipwreck preservation and the science of maritime archaeology.

Society for American Archaeology
Features information about meetings, membership, public education, and more.

Society for Historical Archaeology
The U.S. based society focuses on the New World, but also includes European exploration and settlement in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Canadian Archaeological Association

The Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA) was founded in 1968. Membership includes professional, avocational and student archaeologists, as well as individuals of the general public of any country, who are interested in archaeological knowledge and reserach in Canada.

Archaeology, Museums & Outreach
Discussions to more effectively engage the public in Archaeology and Museums.

Archaeology Fantasies
A blog designed to increase public awareness of archaeology and make the field more accessible to the public

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Informative site on the law and legislations when it comes to casino, poker and sports betting for players from US and around the world.

Archaeology of Tomb Raider
The Archaeology of Tomb Raider is an official fansite that was launched shortly after the release of Tomb Raider (2013) and offers news and information about the sites, artefacts, and ancient cultures featured in the Tomb Raider game and film series.

Bones Don’t Lie
This blog was created to serve as a way for me to keep up to date with current mortuary and bioarchaeology news, as well as a way to work on my own scholarly writing. Since then it has evolved into a way for me to explore a variety of regions, theories, interpretations, perspectives, and methods in the discipline. -Katy Meyers

Digs & Docs
Historical archaeology, material culture, archives, theory and culture

Doug’s Archaeology
Doug focuses mainly on the Profession of Archaeology e.g. pay, working conditions, career prospect, etc, though he does on occasion through in some other topics and some bits on Open Access.

History Echoes
Archaeology in the United States with a spice of world archaeology, history, art, mythology and technology

Mathematical Tools, Archaeological Problems
Research notes from an archaeologist who digs models and statistics

Middle Savagery
A blog by Dr. Colleen Morgan. She has worked both as a professional and academic archaeologist in Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, England, Greece, Texas, Hawaii and California, excavating sites 100 years old and 9,000 years old and anything in-between.

Old Bones
Personal blog from Rebecca Dean, zooarchaeologist at the University of Minnesota Morris.

Ohio Historical Society Archaeology Blog
Current archaeological activities, updates and discussion from the staff of the Ohio Historical Society.

Process: Opinions on Doing Archaeology

SHA Blog
Official blog from the Society for Historical Archaeology
Personal blog from Terry Brock, archaeologist and PhD Candidate at Michigan State University.

Trowel ‘N’ Transit
Historical archaeologies of conflict and commerce in the Old Southwest

The Virtual Curation Laboratory
The Virtual Curation Laboratory at VCU partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Legacy Program to develop a digital data project that incorporates the use of a three-dimensional object scanner in recording American Indian and historic artifacts for analysis and conservation.

Where in the hell am I?
I tell stories and share photos of CRM archaeological fieldwork, primarily in Texas, in order to increase the public understanding of what field archaeologists really do.
Forums for job advertisements, resume and cv postings, volunteer opportunities, internships, discussion boards, and many resources for the internet archaeological community.

Archaeological Institute of America Career Services
The AIA sponsors its own career center dedicated to connecting professional archaeologists with a variety of employment opportunities.

Archaeology-related job postings including their “Comprehensive Archaeology and Anthropology Field School Directory”

Society for American Archaeology Job Announcements
A collection of various job postings from around the world.