The Conservancy is excited to announce the launch of POINT-6, the sixth phase of an emergency acquisition project intended to purchase significant sites in immediate danger of destruction. The cultural remains of America’s prehistoric and historic peoples are rapidly being destroyed. Suburban development, modern agriculture, industry, and commercial looting all threaten not only the integrity, but the very existence, of our irreplaceable cultural heritage. Once an archaeological site has been disturbed, the context of the site can never be reconstructed and the precious information that the site contained about America’s past is lost forever.

The POINT Program (Protect Our Irreplaceable National Treasures) was first launched in 2000 with a $1 million challenge grant that the Conservancy had to match dollar for dollar in order to receive the funds. The Conservancy raised the matching funds because of the support of members, foundations, and corporations. The overwhelming success of the program prompted five additional phases of the project.  Inspired by the past success of POINT and driven by the impact of the emergency funds on our preservation efforts, a Conservancy board member, Leslie Masson, and her husband, Colin, have generously pledged a $1 million challenge grant to launch the POINT-6 Program.

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Read More in our SUMMER 2017 Issue of American Archaeology, Vol. 20 No. 4. Browse Content of this Issue: SUMMER 2017 . Browse Articles Excerpts from our last issue, SPRING 2017.

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