Explore the vast cultural system of Chaco Canyon and the extensive network of outlying communities with our recent tour, Chaco Canyon In Depth.

Scroll through the slider below for a virtual tour, and check out our latest tour schedule to find out how you can join the next adventure! 

Dr. John Roney explains the midden at Casamero Pueblo, a small Chaco outlier.

We get a very informative lecture on Navajo rugs at Richardson’s Trading Post in Gallup.

Ladder at Acoma Pueblo

The Chacoan great kiva at Salmon Ruins. Salmon is a large Chaco outlier on the San Juan River.

Dr. Susan Ryan tells us about Haynie Pueblo, a large Chaco outlier near Cortez, Colorado. Haynie is a Conservancy preserve currently being excavated by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.

Chimney Rock Pueblo is a Chaco outlier high on a mountain in Colorado. It has important ceremonial and astronomical status.

At the northern lunar standstill every 18.6 years, the full moon rises between the twin peaks of Chimney Rock.

Conservancy President Mark Michel tells us about Aztec Ruins which was built in the early 1100s as a possible replacement center for the Chaco Culture.

In Chaco Canyon, we visit Pueblo Bonito, the largest Chaco great house.

Pueblo Bonito had some 800 rooms and was five stories high at its peak in A.D. 1100.

Multiple kivas, including great kivas, are important parts of Pueblo Bonito.

The full moon rises over Pueblo Bonito.

At our camp in Chaco Canyon, we practice throwing spears with an atlatl.

Our group climbs to the north rim of Chaco Canyon for a spectacular view of the ruins below.

Pueblo Bonito from the canyon rim.

Casa Rinconada in Chaco Canyon is the largest great kiva at about 65 feet in diameter.

Our group poses in front of Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, the site of the sun dagger an astronomical observatory.


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