This past September, participants on our French and Indian War Tour traveled across New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland to explore the rich history and archaeology of the French and Indian War. This epic struggle involving Native Americans, the English and French Empires, and Colonial forces, was one of the first global conflicts and a defining moment in American history.

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The group explores the interior of the reconstructed Iroquois longhouse at Ganondagan State Historic Site.

The reconstructed longhouse at Ganondagan. 

The reconstructed fort at Fort Stanwix National Monument.

Inside Fort Ticonderoga.

The view from Fort Ticonderoga looking south across Lake Champlain.

The ruins of the barracks at Crown Point. Charles Vandrei, an archaeologist and historic preservation officer with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, served as a guide for part of the tour. 

The ruins of Fort George.

Dr. David Starbuck shows the group a broadaxe found on Roger's Island, the home of Roger's Rangers. 

A Susquehannock pot on display at the Pennsylvania State Museum.

Dr. Kurt Carr, the Senior Curator of Archaeology at the Pennsylvania State Museum, explains the ongoing archaeological excavations at Fort Hunter just outside of Harrisburg. 

An interpreter at Fort Frederick, Maryland, prepares for a musket firing demonstration.

The outline of the bastions at Fort Pitt in Pittsburgh, looking back at the hotel. 

Fort Niagara overlooking Lake Ontario.


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