Interesting Discoveries at Adair Cabin

    Adair Cabin Finds
    John Fox, (left) principal archaeologist for the Kansas Archeology Training Program, and a Kansas Historic Society volunteer examine national bank notes that were brought to last week’s artifact identification night program at Trojan Elementary School. Free evening events are part of the 16-day program that includes an archaeological dig at the original site of the Adair Cabin (Photo: Colleen Truelsen)
    Adair Fork
    An artifact found on the original site of the Adair Cabin carries engraved initials “FBA,” which archaeologists believe to stand for Florella Brown Adair. (Photo: Colleen Truelsen)

    On May 29th, we reported on the beginning of an excavation project at Adair Cabin in Kansas. Today, we learn about the findings from the field school:

    • Silver-plated fork with the initials FBA (Florella Adair Brown)
    • A penny from 1867
    • A trigger guard from a Virginia-style rifle
    • Part of a decorated egg cup
    • The foundation of the original Adair Cabin (located under the garage that is attached to the farmhouse built in 1904 by the Rev. Samuel Adair’s son, Charles, that still stands.

    Evening programs from the public have been ongoing and last week’s Collector’s Night allowed residents to bring in historical objects for expert identification.

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