House Votes in Favor of Limiting Presidential Authority Over Designation of National Monuments

    HR 1459 Update after Vote in the House

    On Wednesday, the house Republican vote swayed the results of H.R. 1459 so that it is now able to continue on to the Senate. Members passed the bill with a 222-201 vote. The bill would essentially require that proposed lands now undergo NEPA review requirements prior to official designation.  Republicans said that the power given to the President in the 1906 Antiquities Act is too broad. They cite an example of the 1996 decision by President Clinton to designate an area of land nearly two million acres in size in Utah as a national monument. The decision was made without any advanced notice. Democrats mostly opposed the bill, saying that the designation of national monuments is an act of environmental stewardship, and that leaving it open to another option with each proposed monument to go through the approval process in Congress would ultimately negate any efforts to protect the land “with this majority in charge” – referring to common stalemate

    House votes to curb White House authority on national monuments


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