We’re thrilled to announce two exciting new virtual lectures coming up in February!  Join us on Zoom and Facebook Live! 

On February 17, Dr. Paulette Steeves will present “Archaeology’s Place in Healing and Reconciliation: Reclaiming the Indigenous Paleolithic of the Western Hemisphere” at 5 pm MST.  In this lecture, you’ll learn more about how Dr. Steeves archaeological research supports Indigenous history in the Americas dating back 130,000 years, and how changing this narrative helps Indigenous communities reclaim their histories.  Dr. Steeves is an Associate Professor in Sociology–Anthropology at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a Canada Research Chair in Healing and Reconciliation, and author of The Indigenous Paleolithic of the Americas. Her research focuses on the Pleistocene history of the Western Hemisphere, reclaiming and rewriting Indigenous histories, and healing and reconciliation.
Another exciting lecture on February 24, will feature Dr. Ashley Lemke as she presents “Archaeology Underwater: How Submerged Landscapes are Changing the Future of Archaeology” also at 5 pm MST. This presentation will outline how research on submerged landscapes is becoming an increasingly important part of archaeology with a focus on a specific study in the Great Lakes where a 9,000 year-old landscape and artifacts remain intact beneath 100 feet of water.  Dr. Lemke is an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas in Arlington and Chair of the Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology. She is a leading researcher on the archaeology of hunter-gatherers with extensive work on both terrestrial and underwater archaeological projects from the Lower Paleolithic in Europe to 19th-century Nunamiut archaeological sites in the arctic.

Our Virtual Lecture Series is broadcast on Zoom Webinars and Facebook Live.  Be sure to visit the individual event pages for the links to register. 

We have confirmed dates in March and May, and we will be adding them to the schedule in the coming weeks! Visit this page to see the full list and be sure to check back soon for new offerings! 


| The Archaeological Conservancy 2022


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