On May 23, local news reporter and “story teller” Kevin Torres did a segment on the recent vandalism at a Native American petroglyph site near Del Norte, Colorado.

In the video, Torres went to the site south of town with Michael Troyer, an archaeologist with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM); Kyle Sullivan and Kelly Ortiz, who also work for the BLM; and students from Sunshine Christian School in Alamosa.

Officials believe that three local teenagers scratched their initials, “TJW”, “RIC”, and other indistinguishable marks into the rock panel containing rock art dating back thousands of years. Only residents familiar with the area would be able to find the petroglyph site due to its remote and protected nature.

Kevin Torres hoped that by taking the young Alamosa students to the site to witness the beauty and mystery of the petroglyphs along with the damage that has been done to them, that they will grow up with greater respect for the Native America art that lies across the American landscape.

Read the full story: Storytellers: Restoring the Past with Future Generations


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