Save This Site: Last Week of Crowdfunding to Protect Chaco Outlier

Holmes Group Site Sherds

**Update 8/19: The crowdfunding for the Holmes Group Site was a great success. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for being a part of saving this phenomenal Chaco outlier site. We were able to reach 71% of our goal online with 185 donors, totaling $17,802; plus an additional $1, 800 from 21 donors that donated directly to us. Along with significant funds raised from our direct mail fundraising campaign to TAC membership added to the crowdfunding total, we are now very close to being able to complete the purchase of the site. The Conservancy needs to raise an additional $20,000 for the acquisition. We have some time to raise the remaining funds, as we have several months to complete the purchase, and are now confident we will be able to preserve this site. YOU can still give directly here, designate the Holmes Group Site.

*Update 7/31: In just over 48 hours, since this was posted, we have now reached nearly 60% of our goal with another 14 generous donors! Thank you so Much! Only 40% to go..

The Holmes Group is considered one of the largest and most complex of all the Chaco-period occupation sites. This crowdfunding is an essential part of saving this Chaco Outlier archaeology and giving the endangered Holmes Group site a future life. We need to raise $25,000 to make this vital project happen. We are now a 35% of the way to our goal, with 119 donors through and 10 direct to the Conservancy. A Great big Thank you to all 129, now 143, of our very generous donors. You are Saving the Future for the Past!

In this very last week, we still need all the help we can get to save this site. Every donation gets us one step closer to making this a reality. With a gift of $45 you will be protecting 60 square meters of this amazing Chaco outlier site. If we exceed our goal, those funds will be used to acquire additional portions of the site. When saved this site will mark the 501st archaeological site protected and preserved by the Archaeological Conservancy thanks to all our wonderful donors.

Become a Donor Yourself!

Chaco Canyon. 1000 years ago, all roads led there. Sadly, today modern roads have multiplied into a maze of archaeological destruction. Damage comes from oil and gas drilling; and looters gain easy access to sites just like The Holmes Group – an ancient Cahco village in Northern New Mexico. Only a few days left to help us preserve this remarkable ancient town. Initial surveys of this incredible site suggest the rubble mounds contain two Great Houses and two Great Kivas similar to those the visitor sees uncovered at Chaco Canyon National Historic Park.

A Great Big Thank you to Valerie Frost, Michelle I Turner, Christopher Pine, Glenn Kurtz, Kenneth J. Kosidlo, Christopher Nicholson, Anonymous, Barbara J Jacobs, Patricia G Foschi, Philip M Croll, Yvette A. Geary, Robin G Walker, and Anonymous!

A Great Big Thank you to Anonymous, Deborah McVey, Anonymous, Phillip R Scarr, Michael W. Taylor, Anonymous, Douglas A. Richardson, Stephen Bellus, Sidney R. Hubener, Debra L. Martin, Michael Shonk, Marianne Warhol, Joshua Thorp, and Paula Lozar!

A Great Big Thank you to Ronald Jones, Jakob Sedig, William D. Newsom, Tim Maxwell, Lee K. Balick, Noreen R. Fritz, Nancy Dinger, Gillian Craig, John Brasaemle, David Rider, Allan R. Brockway, Frank T. Cloak, Timothy P.B. Hill, Michele Dana, and Keith R. Forry!

A Great Big Thank You to Robert S. Brodkey, Stephanie C. Sander, Anonymous, Anonymous, Margaret Greenwood, Charles B. Voll, Bruce Walborn, Michael Albertini, Geralkd and Dorothea Lalonde, David Staats, John J. Mahoney and Karen G. Castle.

And Another Big Thank You to our other 94 donors!

Also we want to thank our great friends Al Dart at the Old Pueblo Archaeology Centers, David Phillips and the NM ARCH Listserve Community, Alan Osborne of Southwest Seminars and Denise Willis of the Society for California Archaeology , Karen Fustes of the Texas Archaeological Society for all their help getting the word out and sharing this critical crowdfunding project.

Donate & Share this Project to Save this Phenomenal Piece of America’s Prehistory!

“There was a time (circa A.D. 1050-1150) when the Chacoan World was expanding into the northern San Juan Basin – a process marked by a new architecture conveying deep social, political and religious meaning.  For the past century destruction of those buildings has accelerated to a point where our knowledge of that World has been vastly diminished.  This is our opportunity to preserve a fragment, but a critical fragment, of that which was “Chacoan” for our time and well into the future.” Dr. Gwinn Vivian, Chaco Scholar and Former Curator of Archaeology & Associate Director, Arizona State.

Press Articles on This Project:

Read About our the 500th Site Protected by the Archaeological Conservancy and the Research Underway at the 500th Site Pueblo.

Learn More about the Endangered Holmes Group Site!


looking at Chaco Pottery Sherds
Looking at Chaco Pottery Sherds
The Joy of being able to touch the past.
The Joy of being able to touch the past.











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