Summary from Human footprints found on B.C. shoreline may be 13,000 years old and Footprints found on a remote B.C. island could be 13,000 years old — the oldest in North America

Archaeologists working on Calvert Island, located on British Columbia’s central coast, have discovered what may be the oldest footprints documented in North America. They found fossilized footprints of what may be a small family group, of one large adult (likely male), small adult (likely female) and child-sized footprints, near a fire pit.  The dating of the charcoal indicates the dating of the foot prints must be very close to 13,200 years old.

[quote_center]”We figure that at some point people were hanging out around this fire,”… “They left their footprints in the grey clay and then they were subsequently filled by this black sand, which essentially preserved the footprints.”[/quote_center]

said Archaeologist Duncan McLaren, part of a larger research team from the University of Victoria, Hakai Institute, and Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv First Nations. The team purposefully selected the shoreline of Calvert because despite sea level changes in the region the level around Calvert remain the same as it was thousands of years again.

Any foot prints dating older than 10,000 ago are incredibly rare, but others have been found in the region, nearby in Haida Gwaii that are about 800 years younger.

[quote_center]“It shows that this place we inhabit has a long history,” said McLaren, “Often in Canada and North America the history of the land is glossed over as being very recent, but if you look at the archaeology it’s showing there’s a very long-term history of occupation and land use going back 13,000 years.”[/quote_center]

The oldest human footprints in the America’s date to 14,500 in Chile’s Monte Verde.

Summary from Human footprints found on B.C. shoreline may be 13,000 years old and Footprints found on a remote B.C. island could be 13,000 years old — the oldest in North America


  1. This looks similar to the footprint at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Do you have any information on it? I’ve seen it personally but recently read that someone thinks it is just a natural wearing away in the Paluxy River but I would like your input on it’s authenticity and age.

    • Hi Gaye! Thank you for your interest and observation. This very good page is a good place if you are interested in learning more about the scientific facts and the created controversy surrounding the eroded dinosaur footprints at Glen Rose. . Wishing you all the best in your exploration of this subject. The Human footprints found in British Colombia are indeed the oldest human foot prints found in the Americas

      • Dawn, thanks for the link. I scanned it (visually) briefly and then observed the pictures proffered to be the ‘man’ tracks and they are not the track I personally witnessed in the 70’s. On the road to the park back then I met an old man back then that showed me his scrapbook of all the publications from back in the 20’s or 30’s. He told me there were a lot of tracks on his back portion of the Paluxy and that he had dug up and that he had kept a lot of them. I wish I’d gotten his name but didn’t.

        Anyway, there is still one print I saw on the park portion of the Paluxy that still could be a man print

        This link says: “such claims are not considered credible by either mainstream scientists or major creationist groups”. I certainly don’t consider this man’s blog or these comments as archaeologically acceptable. But it was at least a part of the history of the Glen Rose/Paluxy River dinosaur tracks.

        I am Christian but not so arrogant as to think that the Bible holds the story of the entire earth, especially the portion not relating to the Jewish people. So the so called ‘creationists’ kind of miff me off. That is where the link lost me.

        Have there been any real, documented and published works done on the tracks that you our the group know of?

        Thanks again for the link. I’ll bookmark it and read at length later.


  2. I found 2 footprints in rock on my property on the shores of lake Champlain in Vt. Offered it to museums but nobody seems interested.I would post photos here but not allowed?

    • Thank you for interest and enthusiasm. Sorry the webpage is not set up for photos in the comments. You may wish to contact the researchers in this story, they of anyone would know what to look for and help discern their level of significance. Best of Luck!


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