Join us for our next Virtual Lecture where Dr. Ashley Dumas, Associate Professor at the University of West Alabama, will discuss history at Fort Tombecbe, a stockade fort site and Conservancy preserve located on the Tombigbee River near the border of French Louisiana, in what is now Sumter County, Alabama.

In the eighteenth century, the French established numerous forts and settlements to maintain their claim to interior North America. Fort Tombecbe was one of the last strategic, military outposts to advance French interests and alliances in La Louisiane. In this lecture, Dr. Ashley Dumas will discuss how life at Fort Tombecbe depended on the Choctaws, whose influence in political and daily matters is documented through historic records and archaeology.

To find out more, please visit the official event page on our website or on Facebook.  You can also register for the Zoom Webinar here.  


| The Archaeological Conservancy 2021 


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