Summary from Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found in Alaska House
Archaeologist from the University of Colorado working at the ‘Rising Whale’ site  at Cape Espenberg, Alaska have found bronze artifacts dating back at least 1,000 years, indicating trans-pacific trade. The first object may have been a buckle or fastner. A piece of leather attached to the item has been radiocarbon dated to approximately 600 A.D. The other artifact may have been a whistle. Additional obsidian was recovered from the same house with chemical signatures indicating it is from the Anadyr River valley in Russia. Other researchers have hypothesized connections between the cultures of Japan, Korea and China with that of Alaska based on other lines of evidence over the past hundred years. Infact recent genetic studies suggests an influx  from Asia of the ‘Thule’, ancestors of the modern Inuit, occured around 1,000 years ago.

Summary from Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found in Alaska House


  1. More evidence that people have been coming to America by boat long before Columbus. Also that not just one one group crossed only by the the land bridge and expanded to cover the country never to be replaced or changed. The claim of first people can not be attached to anyone here today. So how did people thousands of years after the land bridge had gone know to come here, because they had been coming and going the whole time. The same can be said for the northeast coast of the US and Canada.


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