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Lecture | Is the Central African Rainforest Pristine? @ University of Nevada - Reno
Feb 26 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Lecture | Is the Central African Rainforest Pristine? @ University of Nevada - Reno

Wednesday February 26 6:30 PM
Wells Fargo Auditorium (Room 124)
Matthewson-IGT Knowledge Center

Central Africa houses the world’s second largest rainforest.
It is currently undergoing devastating habitat destruction.
The forest is recognized for its biological diversity and
influences the global carbon cycle and weather patterns.
Traditionally portrayed as a “pristine” ecosystem unable to
support permanent human occupation until 2000 years ago,
the Central African rainforest is often viewed as a biome that
remained untouched until the colonial period.

A growing body of ethnoarchaeological and archaeological
evidence is challenging this view by showing that the forest
is a dynamic biome that responded to both climate change
and anthropologenic processes throughout the Holocene.

Lupo and Schmitt have challenged the idea of a pristine
rainforest by documenting for the first time a continuous
human presence extending back at least 7000 years and
identifying deforestation resulting from pre-colonial iron
production. Their work is forcing a revision of the notion of
pristine landscapes and highlights the roles that
ethnoarchaeology and archaeology can play in mitigating
current global crises.

Sponsored by Far Western Anthropological Research Group and the UNR Anthropology Department.

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