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TOUR | Chaco Canyon in Depth @ Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Sep 7 – Sep 15 all-day
TOUR | Chaco Canyon in Depth @ Chaco Canyon, New Mexico | Ohio | United States

Explore the vast cultural system of Chaco Canyon and the extensive network of outlying communities that developed in northwestern New Mexico and southwestern Colorado from A.D. 800 to 1130.  We’ll visit Pueblo Bonito and other spectacular great houses in Chaco Canyon as well as the great kiva at Casa Rinconada.  We’ll also have the unique opportunity to visit many of the most important outlying communities that are integral parts of the entire Chacoan complex still being uncovered by researchers.  Scholars are still struggling to understand how this vast system developed and operated, and why it suddenly collapsed in about A.D. 1130.

To complete the experience, we will tour the modern day Pueblo of Acoma and spend two memorable nights camping in Chaco Canyon.  Some of the leading Chaco experts will join us.

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Chaco Canyon in Depth

TOUR | Native Peoples of Florida’s Mangrove Coast @ Southern Florida
Oct 12 – Oct 18 all-day
TOUR | Native Peoples of Florida’s Mangrove Coast @ Southern Florida | Ohio | United States

For over a thousand years the Calusa, Tocobaga, and Seminole dominated southern Florida.  They developed complex civilizations, created breathtaking artwork, and constructed monumental earthworks.  Time and again, they defeated those who attempted to subjugate them.

Our exciting journey will take us from the ancient mound center at Crystal River to the man-made island of Mound Key, the Calusa’s capital.  Along the way, we’ll visit the key sites of Florida’s original inhabitants, explore the unique estuarine environment in which these people lived, and encounter a variety of wildlife such as manatees, dolphins, and alligators.

Joining us for the entire tour will be Dr. Jeffrey M. Mitchem, an expert in early Spanish and Native American contact in the Southeastern United States. He is an archaeologist with the Arkansas Archaeological Survey as well as a board member of the Florida Public Archaeology Network, the Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education, and The Archaeological Conservancy.

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Native Peoples of Florida’s Mangrove Coast