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TOUR | Ohio Moundbuilders
Jun 5 – Jun 9 all-day
TOUR | Ohio Moundbuilders @ Ohio | United States

Hundreds of years ago in what is now part of southern Ohio, a complex culture of moundbuilders flourished.  Extensive earthworks, some towering six stories high, are the legacy of the Hopewell and Adena people.  The Hopewell and Adena cultures, which flourished in the eastern United States from about 800 B.C. to A.D. 400, consisted of rich traditions and elaborate rituals.  Mica and copper ornaments, ostentatious burials, and the remains of large wooden structures are often found at their mound sites.

The Conservancy’s tour offers an opportunity to discover more about the Hopewell and Adena cultures with visits to some of their most awe-inspiring mounds and earthworks, which are now “short-listed” for designation as a World Heritage Site.  Throughout the tour, expert archaeologists will offer their insights into the mysterious world of the moundbuilders.

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Ohio Moundbuilders

TOUR | Cliff Dwellers of the American Southwest @ Arizona and Colorado
Sep 12 – Sep 22 all-day
TOUR | Cliff Dwellers of the American Southwest @ Arizona and Colorado | Ohio | United States

Cliff dwellings are among the most amazing archaeological sites in the world: walls and doorways, towers and kivas, all tucked neatly into sandstone cliffs.  More than 700 years ago, the Anasazi and Sinagua cultures of the Four Corners region called these sites  home. Warm and dry during the winter, the secluded pueblos may also have protected villagers from attacking enemies.

Our tour will journey to the most famous of the region’s cliff dwellings, as well as modern-day pueblos and several Conservancy preserves, and be guided by archaeologists well-versed in the region’s prehistory.

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Cliff Dwellers of the American Southwest