?: 16,000-18,000 year-old artifacts from the Gault Site in Texas.

On June 23, Dr. Clark Wernecke will return for a new presentation! In this talk, Dr. Wernecke will review
the archaeological evidence that debunks the old “Clovis First” theory and discuss how this evidence is shifting the paradigm on how scholars perceive the early migrations into the Americas. 

Find out more about the lecture and how to register HERE

Early registration is encouraged as space is limited on Zoom Webinars.  As an alternative, we will also be broadcasting live on Facebook.  A Facebook account is not required to watch or ask questions during the live event.  Those who cannot attend the live event will be able to watch the recording on our YouTube channel the next day. 

If you missed Dr. Wernecke’s previous lecture “The Gault Site and the Peopling of the Americas,” you can watch the recording here


| The Archeological Conservancy 2022



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