Dr. N’omi Greber, Curator of Archaeology at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and one of the world’s leading authorities on the Hopewell Culture passed away after a long struggle with cancer.  

She also served as Adjunct Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Greber studied mathematics at Smith College, received her masters degree in mathematics at Harvard University, and her Ph.D. in anthropology at Case Western Reserve University.

Her many publications are based on extensive fieldwork and archival research on Early and Middle Woodland, Hopewell or Adena Peoples and their wooden architecture, mounds and earthworks. Dr. Greber’s interests focused on the Prehistory of Eastern North America with particular emphasis on contacts with Ohio; Shawnee history; use of geophysical remote sensing; site preservation; and museum archaeological collections. Her most recent research was to obtain chronological data on major earthworks for better estimates of key factors in the Ohio Hopewell cultural efflorescence.

Dr. Greber was a ground-breaking leader in research on the pre-Columbian earthworks of Ohio, as well as a key player in teaching others about the scientific and cultural importance of these architectural wonders. Bio from the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy 

Deep condolences to family, friends, colleagues,  and students.


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