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Ni-les’tun | Oregon

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinFeb 14, 2024

Hedley Pueblo | Utah

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 1, 2023

Zemaitis | Michigan

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 1, 2022

Fort Parker | Montana

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinApr 22, 2019
The early morning sun shines on the Esmond 2 site.
New YorkPreserves

Esmond | New York

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinSep 3, 2015
This fragment of a trumpet-style pipe was found at the site. Courtesy Rochester Museum & Science Center.
New YorkPreserves

Footer | New York

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinJun 11, 2015
The Yorktown Enclosure survives within an isolated wood lot surrounded by agricultural fields that are being developed for commercial purposes.

Yorktown | Indiana

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinJun 11, 2015
Blockhouse 8 is seen in the foreground of this scale model of Fort Greenville.

Fort Greenville | Ohio

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinNov 28, 2014
This longhouse was exposed during excavations directed by William Ritchie and Robert Funk in the 1960s.
New YorkPreserves

Garoga | New York

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinNov 27, 2014

Junction Group | Ohio

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMay 2, 2014

Windover | Florida

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 12, 2014

Croft | Idaho

Susan BowdoinSusan BowdoinMar 1, 2013