Summary of “Archaeologists Excavate NY Colonial Battleground” from ABC News online:

An excavation of a section of Lake George Battlefield Park is currently being conducted by the State University of Adirondack for their annual six-week field school.

Led by archaeologist David Starbuck and his team of two dozen students, the site has a complex history ranging from an 18th-century battlefield to the site of a famous massacre. It was also the location of a large smallpox hospital.

Starbuck, a professor of anthropology at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, describes the site as “incredibly well-preserved.” Previous excavations at Lake George have produced numerous artifacts, many of which were discovered at the battlefield site.

Starbuck hopes to find evidence of the 1755 Battle of Lake George fought during the French and Indian War, and the entrenched camp that played a role in the massacre of Fort William Henry, that inspired James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Last of the Mohicans.” The last excavation of this site twelve years ago, yielded several military artifacts including a bayonet, musket barrel, and a military compass.

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