You can make your Amazon purchases count toward contributions to The Archaeological Conservancy through Amazon Smile

Simply visit and complete the following steps to get started!  

  1. At the Amazon Smile homepage, you have the option at the top of the page to choose the organization you want to support.  Click on the drop-down in this area, and choose Change. This will take you to the screen below.  Here you can search for The Archaeological Conservancy and click the Search button.

  2. The next screen will provide a list of the search results.  The Archaeological Conservancy should be the first result.  Click on Select to add us as your organization!

3. Now, when you shop through Amazon Smile, a percentage of your purchase will become a contribution to The Archaeological Conservancy.  Your contributions will go toward protecting and preserving precious archaeological sites across America.

Please share this with friends and family by clicking on your preferred social media platform at the top of the page, and help us spread the word! We appreciate your support!  


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