Backusburg Mounds (Kentucky)


    The Conservancy has entered into an agreement to purchase Backusburg Mounds, one of the most intriguing sites in Western Kentucky. A complex of at least eight mounds situated on the bluff overlooking Clark’s River, Backusburg has been known to professional archaeologists since the 1920s. In their seminal 1932 work Archaeological Survey of Kentucky, William Funkhouser and William S. Webb described the mounds and a floodplain site below it as “probably the most important prehistoric sites in the [western Kentucky] region.”

    In spite of Backusburg Mounds obvious significance, professional archaeologists have been able to work there for only a single day of mapping and surface collecting.  That work, conducted in 1981 by Murray State University (MSU) archaeologist Kenneth Carstens and his students, established the spatial dimensions of the site and clarified its placement in the regional cultural history.