Regional Offices

Where We Work

The Archaeological Conservancy maintains over 565 preserves in five designated regions across the United States.  Click on the regions in the map below to learn more or continue scrolling to see a listing of our regions.

Main Office
1717 Girard Blvd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106
Office Phone: (505) 266-1540

Regional Office Listing

Western Regional Office

Cory Wilkins, Regional Director

Linsie Layfayette, Field Representative

4445 San Gabriel Drive
Reno, Nevada 89502

(530) 592-9797

Includes: California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho

Southwestern Regional Office

April M. Brown, Regional Director

Mandy Woods, Field Representative 

1717 Girard Boulevard NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87106

(505) 266-1540

Includes: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana

Midwestern Regional Office

Philip Millhouse, Regional Director

5115 North Autumn Lane
McFarland, Wisconsin 53558


Includes: Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota

Southeastern Regional Office

Jessica Crawford, Regional Director

Nikki Mattson, Field Representative

P.O. Box 270
Marks, Mississippi 38646
(662) 326-6465

Includes: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Arkansas

Eastern Regional Office

Kelley Berliner, Regional Director

Megan Reeve, Field Representative 

Federated Charities Building
22 South Market St., Suite 2
Frederick, Maryland 21701

(301) 682-6359

Includes: North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maine, Delaware, New York, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Vermont